Where It Started


I have always had a love for taking pictures. In fact, I remember taking pictures with a Polaroid camera and your typical 35mm film cameras. Yes, that makes me old, but camera technology these days is evolving so quickly that you barely have time to master one thing before something new comes along. Am I right? The truth is, I never really got into the technical side of photography until now. Mainly, because picking up a new camera is comparable to sitting in the cockpit of an airplane. Maybe not quite that technical but you get the point. You become mesmerized by all of the buttons and how they function. For my birthday this year, I received a shiny new camera, a FUGI X-T1. At first glance, I was so excited and already composing the perfect picture in my head. However, upon further inspection of my camera, I had a sinking feeling. How in the world was I going to learn how to use it? I was used to just pointing and shooting a camera to take a picture. I was suddenly challenged. I started with the camera owner’s manual and I got bored really fast, partly because I didn’t understand any of it to be honest, but I wanted to understand it. I then started watching online photography tutorials, which confused me even further in the beginning, but the more I got to know my camera the less confusing they became to me. Trust me though, I am still learning how to use my camera. I have found though, that the more pictures I take the braver I become at adjusting those scary dials on my camera. Some of my pictures are horrible and some are great depending on how brave I am on a given day. It’s okay though because practice makes perfect!


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