Water Obsession


Sunday was on awesome day out on the water. Jake, our dachshund, loves the water so he was ready to take off on the paddle board. I, however, had just changed into dry clothes after falling into the water earlier in the day. I then decided I’d grab my camera and wait for these two to fall into the water as well. Neither one of them fell in, but Jake jumped in several times in an effort to swim after the ducks swimming around. His leash was strapped to the board so he didn’t get very far. We learned our lesson last year when he decided he’d jump into the Tennessee river after a flock of geese. I had to jump in after him because I was afraid he might drown once he got tired and his rear end started to sink. I’ll say though, he gave those geese a run for their money, but he never caught up with them. Bless his heart, he tried though. We love our adventures with Jake and he loves them too. The hikes, not so much, but the water is definitely his forte.


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