Times Square-New York


I finally got to visit New York City and from my view on the red stair case in the middle of Times Square, I was taken aback by all the flashing screens. It had been a lifelong dream of mine to visit New York and honestly it wasn’t really what I expected. I remember watching the ball drop on television every New Year’s Eve with my family and I was always fascinated by the celebration in Times Square. My experience, however, felt like I was on an episode of Law and Order. The streets were littered with trash, graffiti painted the sides of buildings and people on the streets obviously had no regard for your personal space when they were trying to sell you things like bus passes and CD’s. Taxi drivers, were for the most part, okay, but there were times I could barely bring myself to look out the front windshield cause of their terrible driving.

The sounds of the city were immense, people hollering, car horns honking and passing buses were sometimes overwhelming. The only true escape from the noise was visiting the World Trade Center Memorial. I was mesmerized by the absolute sound of silence around the memorial. It was extremely humbling to be there as well. Walking around the fountain edge and reading the names etched into the granite is an experience I’ll never forget.

All in all, I am glad I can now mark New York City off of my bucket list.

Where to now…….?




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